Colorado Center for Pediatric Learning and Development

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Your Child's Caregiver


A professional that identifies and measures hearing impairment, auditory processing, and other related disorders.

Educational Advocate-

A person working to serve the needs of children in the academic environment.

Developmental Pediatrician-

A pediatrician who has specialized in the evaluation of child development. These specialist often assess and treat children with developmental issues.


A doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the nervous system.

Occupational Therapist-

A health-care professional trained to assess and address functional limitations evident in daily activities. Areas addressed by occupational therapists include, but are not limited to, fine motor skills, visual perception, visual motor integration, sensory processing socialization, self-help skills and strengthening.


As defined by the American Optometric Association, doctors of optometry are independent health care providers who examine, diagnose, treat and manage diseases and disorders of the visual system, the eye and associated structures, as well as diagnose related systemic conditions. Optometrists are state-licensed health care professionals. They prescribe glasses, contact lenses, low vision rehabilitation, vision therapy and medications as well as perform certain surgical procedures.


A doctor who specializes in correcting deformities of the skeletal system.


A doctor who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Physical Therapist-

A health-care professional trained to assess and rehabilitate movement dysfunctions. Areas addressed by physical therapists include, but are not limited to, balance, locomotion, strengthening, gross motor skills, motor planning skills, neuromuscular functioning, postural strengthening and stability.

Speech and Language Pathologist-

A health-car professional trained to assess and address disorders of expressive language, receptive language, speech and communication.

Vision Therapist-

A person trained to teach a person how to improve weak, dysfunctional or non-existent visual skills through a variety of treatment techniques including, but not limited to, lenses, prisms, and special computer programs..