Colorado Center for Pediatric Learning and Development

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Teacher Workshops

We offer in-services for teachers on topics related to sensory processing dysfunction, red flags in the kindergarten classroom, atypical neuromuscular patterns and school performance.

Red Flags in the Classroom: How to recognize potential sensory processing deficits.

This workshop is approximately 2 hours long and can be presented in an in-service format or more formal setting. We offer this course on an ongoing basis. To request more information or to sign your school up for this workshop, please contact us at

Parent Seminars

The staff at the Colorado Center For Pediatric Learning and Development recognizes that many of the challenges faced by children with disabilities and their families cannot be addressed through the traditional therapy model. With this in mind, we are currently developing a series of seminars that will demonstrate options for addressing issues commonly faced by parents of children with disabilities. If you would like to be included on our parent seminar notification list, please email us at or call 303-333-4982.